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‘Avoid Men And You’ll Live Longer’, Claims A 109-Year-Old Woman


According to statistic analysis, the oldest known woman in Scotland was called Jessie Gallan. She was 109 years old. In the last interview she gave she claimed that her long life was due to a very simple and funny reason.

Jessie claimed that she lived healthily and happily because she had the same breakfast every day. It was porridge! But, another more interesting reason was that she claimed her long life was happier because she avoided men!

She claimed that hiding yourself from men and avoiding them is what you need to be happy and healthy! She also claimed that they aren’t worthy and they’ll only cause trouble for you.

Miss Gallan was very independent throughout her whole life. She worked very hard since she was 13 years old because that was the time she left her home. She knew how to fight for herself. She didn’t enjoy going to holidays. She was never married. She was a lovely lady that everyone liked because of her positivity. The caregivers at the nursing home where she lived claimed that she was an extraordinary person.

Sadly, lovely miss Gallan passed away peacefully a period after the last interview.