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Hugs Have a Bigger Impact on Your Mental and Physical Health...

Humans communicate verbally. We express and share ideas by talking, but there are other ways to express your thoughts and emotions beside it. How...

To the Surprise of Many, a UK Down Syndrome Couple Celebrates...

Marriage is never easy. It requires a lot of dedication, sacrifice, and compromise in order to make things work. The number of divorces is...

Try This Simple Challenge to Defeat Anxiety

Stress gets even the best of us. No matter how calm you are, it can strike anytime and throw you off balance. Stress harms...

Woman Finds Her Long-Lost Engagement Ring On a Carrot

Life is a profound experience, but it’s fair to say that it’s also very strange sometimes. Have you been a witness to a one-in-a-million...

Why You Shouldn’t Use Q-Tips to Clean Your Ears (and How...

Cotton buds are the default option for ear cleaning and it has been like that since we can remember. The soft buds called Q-tips...

Have You Ever Seen a Cat with Curls?

In today’s world, you’re either a cat or a dog person. We’re in the former group. Although we love dogs as well, there’s a...

Tips on Living Your Best Life

Life sure is messy, isn’t it? One day you’re at the top of the world, the other you’re wallowing in the mud. There are...

Female Dragonflies Use a Unique Survival Tactic to Deter Males

We’ve all been in a situation to fake sleep to avoid talking to other people. Nothing embarrassing about it – some people are just...

Experts Find a Link Between Narcissistic Abuse and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety tops the list of most common mental disorders in the USA, with nearly 40 million people affected annually. Experts divide anxiety into several...

Dutch Company Finds a Great Solution to Deforestation

 Whole forests are getting destroyed around the world and no one seems to do anything about it. Governments are not quick to react and...


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