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Amish Black Healing Salve – A Natural Solution to Any Skin Problem!


The so-called black healing salve is an ancient Amish remedy which has been used to treat literally any skin problem. The incredible salve can pull out toxins and foreign objects from the skin and accelerate its healing.

If you’re wondering what the black healing salve is, it’s a mix of essential oils, activated charcoal, and wax. Activated charcoal is the real star here – it is especially effective for pulling out toxins from the body and skin and will help it heal and recover faster than ever.

What Can the Black Healing Salve Help You With?

The salve can be used for minor and major skin problems ranging from rashes to burns. The Amish call the salve “Hilla schemer” (healing smear) which is commonly used to remove splinters from the skin and treat rashes. The black healing salve is also one of the best natural remedies for skin tags, boils, cystic acne and insect bites.

In cases of thorns and fragments of glass in the skin, the black healing salve will push the foreign object to the surface of the skin and prevent infections. If you’ve happened to brush against poison ivy or oak, the salve will soothe the itching quickly. The black healing salve is also an effective remedy for ingrown toenails.

Black Salve and Skin Cancer

The black salve people use against skin cancer is not the same with the black healing salve the Amish use. The black healing salve doesn’t heal skin cancer and can only be used for minor skin problems.

On the other hand, the black salve is a fairly controversial solution for skin cancer which is yet to be proven as effective. The salve is a mixture of corrosive agents known as escharotics. One of these compounds called bloodroot is indeed a natural remedy for basal and squamous cell carcinoma. However, it’s efficiency is yet to be approved by scientific studies.

Don’t confuse the black salve and black healing salve – one is a natural remedy for simple skin problems, while the other is quite a controversial remedy unsupported by science.

Here’s how to prepare the black healing salve:

  • ½ teaspoons coconut oil
  • ½ teaspoons castor oil
  • 3 teaspoons activated charcoal
  • 3 teaspoons bentonite clay
  • 2 teaspoons beeswax
  • 10 drops Calendula oil


Mix the activated charcoal with the coconut, castor oil and bentonite clay in a bowl. Melt the beeswax in a double boiler, then mix it with the calendula oil and pour the mixture into a glass jar. Add the mixture from the bowl and mix well, then let it cool down and keep it out of direct sunlight. Collect the salve in an airtight container.

The black healing salve is an incredible natural remedy for a variety of skin problems. It can pull toxins and foreign objects off your skin and help you treat acne, rashes, and boils. Don’t confuse it for the black salve which contains bloodroot and zinc and is a controversial remedy for skin cancer – the Amish black healing salve works for minor skin problems only and has been used as an effective natural remedy for quite a long while.