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The Amazing Celery Relieves Arthritis, Cleanses Your Kidneys, Reduces Hypertension And Gout Pains!



The Umbelliferae family contains vegetables like fennel, parsley and celery. Celery is able to grow up to 16 inches. The greener parts of celery contain more chlorophyll than the white celery.

Celery ribs are the most used to prepare salads and soups. They are very crunchy. Celery itself tastes salty, so mix it with some sweet juices to obtain an excellent combination of flavors. Every kind of celery tastes different, so some are far saltier than others.

Nutritional Benefits

Celery leaves contain plenty of vitamin A. The stems contain plenty of vitamin C, vitamins B6, B2 and B1, as well as minerals and nutrients like: calcium, potassium, iron, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, essential amino acids and sodium.

Celery is very helpful for an optimal bowel movement as the nutrients it contains as well as the fiber become released when we juice it. Celery contains natural organic sodium which is excellent for consumption because our body needs it. Salt-sensitive people don’t have to be afraid to eat it because this kind of salt is safe while the table salt we use almost every day which contains iodised sodium is pretty harmful, especially for people who have high blood pressure.

We all know that the nutrients vegetables contain can be lost while we cook them, but the compounds in celery are kept and cooking doesn’t bother it.

Health Benefits

Numerous nutritionists claim that celery can decrease our blood pressure. When we combine it with some other juices, it can help us treat various illnesses or diseases.

According to some new researches, celery can also help us fight cancer!

These are some of the most important health benefits that celery juice possesses:

Acidity:  Celery juice contains minerals that are essential and can help us neutralize our body’s acidity and balance the pH of our body.

Athletes:  This juice can be especially useful in people who exercise often. You can use it as a post-workout tonic because it helps you rehydrate your body and replace all the lost electrolytes because it contains an abundance of minerals.

Blood Pressure: Organic sodium is something that celery is abundant of. This compound reduces our blood pressure. Our blood pressure will be improved significantly if we drink celery juice every day for one week. Celery contains a compound which is called phtalides and is especially helpful to dilate our vessels, relax our muscles and our blood flows normally through our body. Drink celery juice for 1 week, then rest for 3 weeks. After that, you can start drinking it all over again.

Cancer:  Celery is rich in maybe 8 families of compounds which are anti-carcinogenic. Some of them are the acetylenics that are already scientifically proved to be able to stop the development of various tumor cells. Phenolic acids are also some of them. They block the action of prostaglandins and we know they are the ones who encourage the growth of tumor cells. The last ones are coumarins which help us stop the free radicals to damage the cells.

Cholesterol:  This amazing juice can decrease the bad (LDL) cholesterol very effectively and significantly.

Colon and stomach cancer:  Coumarins which is a phytochemical stops the creation as well as the development of stomach cancer, especially colon cancer.

Constipation:  Celery possesses a natural laxative effect which means it can help us relieve constipation. It can also help us relax our nerves.

Cooling:  When it’s very hot and dry outside, try to drink one glass of celery juice 2 or 3 times every day, preferable between your meals. You’ll be amazed how it normalizes your body temperature.

Diuretic:  Celery juice contains sodium and potassium as we have already mentioned that are extremely helpful in stimulating the production of our urine and regulating body fluids. In that way, our body gets help to get rid of the excess of fluids that are unnecessary for our organism and can also be very harmful.

Inflammation:  Celery contains polyacetylene which can help in all types of inflammation like osteoarthritis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchitis and gout.

Kidney function:  Celery is an amazing vegetable that can help us have normal kidney function because as we have already mentioned, it helps us eliminate toxins and excess of fluids from our body. It will also help us prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Nervous system:  Organic alkaline minerals are another important part of celery juice. They can relax and calm down our nervous system. Celery juice is amazing for people with insomnia!  

Weight loss:  If you drink celery juice throughout the day frequently, it will help you decrease the cravings you have for sweets.

Urinary stones, breaking of:  As we have already mentioned, celery juice has a diuretic effect so it helps us eliminate fluids and decreases the formation of gall bladder and kidney stones. o

Consumption Tips

Green celery is abundant in chlorophyll so it’s always better to choose this type of celery than the other ones. The ribs should be firm. Avoid the celery with limp ribs! If you want to put it in the fridge, you should make sure it’s wrapped in some plastic bag or in some sealed container.

Make sure you don’t keep it at room temperature for too long because it will wilt quickly. In case your celery has wilted, put some water on it. Just sprinkle it and then keep it in the fridge for several hours. Its crispness will return.


Celery can protect fungi to attack it because it possesses its own “pesticide”. It is a succulent plant. This kind of a protective layer has its own name ‘psoralens’ which may cause problems in some people.

In case you’ve noticed skin sensitivity or problems after you’ve just eaten some celery, you might be sensitive to psoralens.

According to people who have low blood pressure, celery has made their pressure even lower which makes their everyday hard. In case you have low blood pressure, you’d better avoid eating celery. Be careful about any sign your body might send you after you’ve just eaten celery or drank celery juice!



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