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Aluminum Gathers In Your Brain, Lungs And Liver Constantly! Try These Foods And Remove It Naturally!


The most widely spread metal on the whole planet is definitely aluminum.

Aluminum is included in numerous products we use every day: aluminum foil, baking soda, drinking water, flour, cake mixes, deodorant, nondairy creamers, cookware, aspirin etc. Aluminum compounds are also present into numerous food additives like E523, E173, E520, E554, E521, E556, E541, E545, E559 and E555.

These products are indeed allowed by the FDA, but are they really safe for us to consume them? Our body needs plenty of beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals and aluminum is certainly not a part of any of them. Our body isn’t able to process aluminum so in time, it accumulates, in our kidneys, liver, brain, lungs and thyroid. Numerous health problems can appear because of it.

Powerful Reasons to Eliminate Aluminum From Your Life

Aluminum has the ability to change your nervous system. Studies have also linked it to Alzheimer’s autism, bone disease in children who already have kidney disease, as well as numerous other brain diseases.

Aluminum can cause damage to your brain because it causes oxidative stress. This later leads to the development of numerous neurological disorders like epilepsy, MS, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, Guillain-Barré syndrome, ADD etc.

Aluminum can decrease the amount of all the essential minerals that are extremely necessary for our health like: iron, calcium and magnesium.  

If aluminum accumulates into our bone tissues, it will cause osteoporosis as well as weak bones.

Aluminum can also damage our DNA, cause aging as well as oxidative stress in cells.

How to Reduce Your Aluminum Exposure

If aluminum is taken in excessive amounts, it can be extremely dangerous even if it isn’t a heavy metal like for example lead.

How to Create an Aluminum-free Kitchen and Household?

Make sure you avoid hygiene products, cookware, and processed foods which don’t contain aluminum. Use ceramic, stoneware, glass and stainless-steel cookware. The hygiene products you’ll use should be of ethical and vegan sources. Try to eat organic whole foods and meals cooked at home.

Here are some foods that can remove heavy metals naturally, as well as aluminum:

  • Blue Green Algae, like Chlorella
  • Cilantro
  • Onions
  • Burdocks
  • Green tea
  • Bentonite
  • Carrot juice

One of the best organic sources that contains an extremely healthy amount of Chlorella is Organifi Green Juice.

This special juice can help you revitalize and hydrate your cells by decreasing the amount of toxic metals in your body. It also improves your whole immune system, relieves stress, alkalizes your body, helps the process of detoxification, balances your hormones naturally, is excellent for your taste buds as well as supports your mental clarity. You just have to combine it into any smoothie, juice or simply water! You can also use it in dips and dressings! You only need one serving a day to see its amazing benefits!