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Aloe Vera: The Plant Of Immortality Was Widely Used By The Egyptians And Here’s Why


Aloe Vera is very well known nowadays. It’s called “the immortal plant” by the Egyptians and “the heavenly wand” by the Native Americans and has been used for centuries. This amazing plant comes out as a natural remedy which is effective against cuts, scrapes and burns. You can take it orally, too because it possesses amazing healing properties.  

More than 200 compounds which are active biologically like vitamins, enzymes, polysaccharides, minerals, as well as amino acids are included in this amazing plant. Its properties are anti-viral, anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal. They cleanse your body of all toxins and pathogens.  

Aloe Vera Gel / Juice Is Full Of Health-Promoting Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals and Enzymes

Amino Acids

We need 22 amino acids in order to have optimal health. Aloe Vera juice contains 20 of them. It also contains salicylic acid which fights inflammation and bacteria.


Aloe Vera is full of vitamin B12 that helps our blood function well. This is amazing for vegans and vegetarians since they don’t include it in their diet much.

Aloe can help you prevent vitamin B12 deficiency and helps you absorb this vitamin easily. It also contains plenty of vitamin B3, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin B1, choline, folic acid and vitamin B6.


Aloe Vera is full of enzymes like amylase and lipase which can help us break down fat molecules and sugar and improve our digestion with that. Bradykinase, which is a molecule found in Aloe, can help us decrease inflammation.


Manganese, potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, magnesium, chromium, calcium, iron and selenium are only some of the minerals this plant contains. They can improve your metabolic pathways.

Other Health Benefits of Aloe

Aloe Vera is amazing for the detoxification of our body because it helps us eliminate toxins from our colon, liver, stomach, kidneys, bladder and spleen. It helps us against the following health problems: ulcers, upset stomach, gut inflammation and indigestion. Aloe can also help us relieve joint inflammation, so it is considered to be a natural remedy against arthritis.

If you use Aloe Vera as a mouthwash, it will help you eliminate plaque very effectively. Aloe isn’t toxic like most of the products we buy at the stores and can’t cause any side-effects.

Aloe Vera juice or gel can also help you treat mouth ulcers or canker sores very effectively.

How to Use It:

The best option is to use Aloe juice from the healthy food stores. Add it into any juice or smoothie or just use it like that. It’s usually made from the inside of the leaf. Its taste is bitter, so it’s mostly combined with other ingredients. Consult an expert about which ingredients would be the best ones to use.

You can also plant your own Aloe and then harvest the leaves to prepare your own juice!  



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