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Allergies Are Present Nowadays, But Why Our Grandparents Didn’t Have Them?


Nowadays, food allergies are extremely common, but in the past, for example, when our grandparents lived, there was no such thing.

The number of people who have allergies is increasing with every year.

In this article, we’re going to present you some of the possible ways that helped our grandparents to avoid allergies!

1. Seasonal Real Food

They used food that wasn’t filled with chemicals and was home-grown.

They used to plant fruits and vegetables in their gardens and didn’t use any additives or chemicals to preserve them.

The products in the stores were local and not from different sides of the world. The food back then was fuller in nutrients and it mostly depended on the farming techniques.

2. Fad Dieting

People in the past usually ate food they liked and the type of food that is available at the moment.

Nowadays, people eat different foods only to satisfy their cravings and needs and after that, count calories.

According to a clinical study, when you’re on a diet, you’re probably craving the foods that you’re restricted to eat.

We need to pay attention to the signs our body sends so we can find out what it needs. Be mindful about what you eat!

3. Traditional Cooking

Nowadays, people mostly buy packaged foods because it saves them time and it’s convenient. People in the past could only prepare their own food from real ingredients on an open fire, in the oven or on a stove.

We nowadays use microwaves which can be really dangerous because of the electromagnetic radiation which changes the molecular structure of our foods.

Even babies ate whatever it was prepared: food cooked longer and later mashed. Breast milk was also the best food for infants as it supplies them with all the necessary bacteria and is extremely nutritious, so the child could fought allergies and illnesses.

4. Organ Meat

None of the food was wasted in the paste. People ate organs and kept bones in order to prepare broth. These parts of animals are full of minerals and vitamins that are extremely nutritious.

Farmers didn’t use chemicals and antibiotics to make them grow faster. They also didn’t use dyes nor chemicals. When our nutrition is adequate, all the potential allergens disappear.

5. No Thickeners, Additives, GMOs or Stabilizers

Healthy food may be nutritious, but it is still stuffed with many different things nowadays. They all add more color, freshness and make the shelf life longer.

Back in the time of our grandparents, there was no GMO food. They didn’t use pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides which can cause food allergy.

6. Limited Doctor Visits

Back in the past, when people were sick, they used traditional medicine to help them. Home remedies, rest, chicken soup and healing herbs were only some of the things used.

They didn’t visit the doctor for no reason nor did they took medicines. Many of them didn’t even have a nearby hospital. If they needed to go to the doctor, they probably needed stitches or a bones set.

7. The Great Outdoors

In the past, people spent most of their time outdoors whether if it was for exercising, traveling, socializing or playing. They didn’t use electronic devices and most of them worked as agricultural workers. They were exposed to sunshine and fresh air and their organism worked the best. There was plenty of vitamin D that they obtained from the sun and nowadays, it is one of the vitamins that is connected to allergies: people who are deficient in it are probably allergic to something.

Nowadays, the use of different chemicals in the air and in our food is the one leading to the appearance of allergic reactions.

We need to have a proper physical activity as well as a proper nutrition to improve our immune system.

There is also an interesting fact which shows that the allergy rates began to increase when GMO food started to be present on the American market during the mid-1990s.