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According To A Study, Fasting For 72 Hours Will Help You Reinforce Your Whole Immune System!


According to a new research from the University of Southern California, if you manage to fast for 3 days straight, you’ll become more resistant to illnesses and diseases and you’ll regenerate your whole body! It’s certainly one of the most natural ways when it comes to reinforcing of our immune system.

In the past, many nutritionists have banned fasting. It was considered to be very destructive as well as unhealthy, but recently, science managed to confirmed that it’s actually very beneficial. It means that you’re starving your body, but you’re actually producing more white cells which in other terms signifies that you’re fighting more infections e.g. it’s extremely important for people who have a weak immune system. Fasting can be beneficial for elderly people or cancer patients, too.

With age, the immune system we have starts to decrease, but fasting can help us improve it. This method of fasting for 3 days can also help us in case of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy isn’t very beneficial as it destroys numerous healthy cells and tissues. Fasting can prevent that and improve your overall immune system.

The scientists in this particular research managed to prove that fasting creates stem cells which trigger the appearance of white blood cells which regenerate our immune system and prevent infections. It’s amazing for the improvement of our whole immune system as well as our whole body.

The study examined participants who fasted from 2 to 4 days for 6 months. In the results, their PKA enzyme was reduced. This is a hormone which increases the risk of obtaining tumors or cancers.

Every period of fasting was actually good for the immune system of the patients. It now remains as a hope that more researches will appear which will support this claim that fasting is a natural way of strengthening the immune system of all people especially cancer patients and elderly people.