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According To Studies, Manuka Honey Kills Bacteria Better Than Antibiotics


Although every type of honey is certainly beneficial, not all are created equal. Each type of honey has different characteristics, but according to scientists, the Australian Manuka honey is the most beneficial one.

Manuka honey is produced by bees that feed on the Leptospermum Scoparium, Manuka bush from New Zealand from which it gets its name from. This incredible type of honey has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can prevent bacterial infections and accelerate the healing of minor cuts and wounds.

It can kill almost any type of bacteria including the antibiotic-resistant ones, and may be a base for a future cure for numerous infections.

The Manuka honey fights superbugs

The increased prescription of antibiotics has led to the development of so-called superbugs that can resist any antibiotic you throw at them. Luckily, they can’t fight Manuka honey. According to a study from the University of Sydney, Manuka honey can kill every kind of bacteria and pathogen it faces, and unlike antibiotics, it kills the bugs completely.

According to Dr. Dee Carter, the lead author of the study, the honey contains certain powerful compounds which can kill the bacteria before they adapt.

How can Manuka honey help you?

The honey has antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, antibiotic and wound-healing properties which can boost your immune system and prevent numerous infections and diseases. What separates the Manuka honey from other types of honey is its incredible antibiotic properties which can take on even the most resistant superbugs.

Many doctors recommend the honey as a way of fighting bacterial infections, but the Manuka honey can also help you in cases of high cholesterol levels, inflammation, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and various infections. In the past, the Aborigines used the honey to treat wounds and ulcers and prevent infections on them.

Antibiotic resistance is becoming quite a big problem around the world, but we can finally defeat it with the help of Manuka honey. According to one study, the honey prevents the development of bacterial microfilm in our body and eliminates it if already present. Studies have shown that this type of honey can even kill MRSA and MSSA biofilm on wounds when applied topically.

In recent years, Manuka honey has become a popular superfood all over the world. However, the increased popularity also saw shortages which resulted in lesser types of Manuka honey on the market that are nothing like the real one. So, if you’re planning to buy Manuka honey, you need to find the real deal. It can be hard, but not impossible.