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According To Researches, Fluoride Can Cause Weight Gain, Hypothyroidism, Depression And Many More Health Problems!


Fluoridation has finally started to be seen as something which can cause various side-effects according to 2 different studies during the last 3 years. It’s a chemical that we all need to look at a bit more carefully.

According to a research performed in the UK, researchers examined what fluoride added into public water can cause.

Scientists managed to prove that it can cause problems with the thyroid, whether it was underactive or it was hypothyroidism the one that caused problems in the patients. Some of the symptoms where an underactive thyroid couldn’t produce enough hormones showed symptoms like depression, obesity and fatigue.

The study was one of the largest ones since it included the greatest number of people included. The researchers managed to prove that fluoridation of the water can cause numerous health problems and some of the most serious are the problems with the thyroid.

Data was collected from 99% of medical practices in England. The areas that had fluoridated water had 30% more increased levels of hypothyroidism when they were compared to the areas which had natural levels of this chemical.

It’s a staggering number of almost 15.000 people who could end up with aching muscles, weight gain, fatigue and depression. This could all be prevented only if the fluoride is removed from the water these people were using. In England, the percent is much higher than in the USA.

In the UK, the most affected city was Birmingham. There, people had already developed hypothyroidism more than anywhere else in the country. This study is very important as it can show the condition throughout the whole country. It was even considered to be a case where there was general water fluoridation and people were in great danger!

But, a recent study is trying to create contradictions and prove that fluoride is actually very effective and safe and it can even improve the dental health in people!

According to those results, there was no connection whatsoever with the cases of Down’s syndrome births, hip fractures, cancers overall, osteosarcoma etc. connected to the fluoridated and non-fluoridated water.

Still, there are some indications that the number of hypothyroidism was increased in people who were living in areas with fluoridated water.

Women are 15 times more likely to have problems with their underactive thyroid.

This can cause various long-term health problems. If you think that this can help you improve your dental health, consider trying some much safer ways.

Hypothyroidism can be especially harmful for women. It prevents their ability to use iodine that we need so that we can have a very healthy thyroid and acquire optimal health! Make sure you always have your thyroid checked! Your doctor can always help you and perform various tests that can prove whether this gland is in good condition within your organism or not. And, the most important thing is to stay away from fluoride!