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According To Researchers, People Over 40 Should Work For 3 Days In Order Not To Feel Stressed!


Every year, more and more people over the age of 40 feel frustrated and exhausted. This can be because of their habits at work. According to a recent study, working from 40 to 60 hours every week is worse than not working!

Working Too Hard Is Really Possible!

Almost 3.500 women and 3.000 men participated in a study performed in Australia. They did 3 tests which should have challenged their cognitive function. They had to match letters and numbers, recite some numbers backward and read aloud, but their time was restricted so they felt great pressure.

The people who had the best average were the ones who worked from 22 to 30 hours every week. The scientists also proved that working too much causes fatigue and great stress. The cognitive skills decline in this way.

It’s good to work, but we still shouldn’t overwork. We must create balance in order to live a more quality life.

These 10 Ways Can Improve Your Cognitive Function And You’ll Relax More!

Exercise: It is amazing for alleviating stress only if you exercise regularly. You’ll improve your sleep, but also alleviate mental stress.

Essential Oils: Your mood can be improved with the help of different scents and aromatherapy. Use different essential oils: bergamot, rose or lavender as well as candles to improve your mood.

Chew Gum: It’s an excellent way to help you relax. According to different studies, you alleviate stress and improve your complete well-being.

Learn How To Say No: You need to know how to control yourself, the stress and pose some limits. Try to be selective no matter what is at stake.

Practice Mindfulness: Live for the moment! Avoid any negative thoughts that might cause anxiety. You can achieve this with the help of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, meditation and yoga.

Get Support: In case you’ve started feeling like you’re overwhelmed, try to seek for help. It would be better for you. Talk to the boss or some other professional.

Provide Solutions: Try to find solutions that you’ll present to your boss or maybe your boss would offer something.  

Set Priorities: You need to set your priorities even at work. Try to find out which are the most important tasks and do them first. The communication that you have with your boss will help you connect and have an understanding for your responsibilities.

Avoid Procrastination: Try not to procrastinate anything. Working something in the last moment is stressful for anyone. Make a list that will have clear deadlines.

Spend Time With the People You Love: The support from your friends and family is really important then as it will help you have plenty of oxytocin released, known to relieve stress naturally.