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According To A Recent Study, People Who Are Messy, Stay Up Late And Swear Are More Intelligent!


Many people have probably bothered you if you’re a person who goes to bed very late, talk bad things (swear) and also have a messy room. Even if you’re not a bad person and your intentions are good, these things don’t look good in the eyes of other people. Luckily for you, these three things everyone is considering bad can actually signify superior intelligence!

High IQ Scores Connected to Profanity

Some people think that people who sweat constantly are very dumb because they don’t know any other words to use. Still, according to some scientific studies, this is not true. General word fluency is connected to swear word fluency and people who swear all the time and use various profanities usually have greater IQ scores. It’s a similar connection to the people who use old-fashioned humor which is rather vulgar as well as its well-known curse words, but without the female-sex-related jokes.

In case you are this kind of person and people often make remarks about your language, you can use these scientific facts to prove them wrong!

Going to Bed Very Late Has Been Proved To Be A Sign of Intelligence Which Is Rather Evolutionary

Humans are mammals and they are a very unique species. They just get up or go to bed when they want to or feel like it. But, in the past, this wasn’t like that. People who lived in the dark before any light was invented didn’t stay up late since this was for them very dangerous and also useless. Lack of vision makes everyone, human or animal, vulnerable to various predators, so people went to bed very early.

When some light sources were invented as well as the way how to use fire was improved, this completely changed everything for humans. There were even numerous researches which claimed that smart people sleep fewer hours than people who are less intelligent and they are far more productive then.

A particular research tested a big group of young American people along with their sleeping habits. People who had a childhood IQ which was smaller than 75 went to bed very early and those who had an IQ of for example, 125 went to bed very late. Still, this doesn’t include playing games or searching the Internet, but reading a good book or doing various activities that will develop your intelligence. Sleeping quality hours is very important, though. You must understand that 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night are very important for the function of your brain as well as your overall health.

Messier Desks Noticed At Geniuses’ Rooms

More intelligent people don’t pay a lot of attention to the organization or cleaning of their space. Their mind is full of many other ideas and they just don’t want to spend time doing this. Researches show that people who live in messy environments are usually far more creative in their somehow chaotic work environment. These people tend to go beyond tradition, invent new solutions and like to keep their work area chaotic. On the contrary, people who have safe and organized work environments are less creative and innovative.

Researches also managed to show that intelligent people usually get bored easily. They want to spend their time thinking, so that’s why many people think they’re lazy and less active.