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According To Recent Researches, Mammography Is Very Harmful And Outdated To Women!


Numerous women do mammograms every year. It is believed that this screening procedure is very accurate in discovering breast cancer. The breasts of a woman are pressed between two platforms made of metal. But, some recent discoveries have started to present some controversial data: that this technique isn’t very effective and it’s even very dangerous for the body of every woman.  

Almost 8 studies managed to prove that mammography isn’t safe and it also isn’t effective, even though the public considers it to be an extremely effective way to discover tumors or breast cancer.

More than 600,000 women who are between 39 and 74 years of age have been examined. Researchers managed to find that many of them were with a wrong diagnose. Some of them were even treated with chemotherapy and that only made things worse.

Mammography does more harm than good

The wrong diagnoses managed to prove that mammography can do more damage to the organism than good things. It can even develop terminal breast cancer faster. Mammography is because of this considered to be a very outdated resource for discovering breast cancer.

Top medical experts have already agreed about mammograms

Several different researches concluded the same thing. The team of these medical professionals included a health economist, a medical ethicist, an oncologic surgeon, a clinical epidemiologist, a lawyer, a nurse scientist and a pharmacologist.

They claim that the deaths of breast cancer as well as its development can be prevented if mammography isn’t recommended. Women also wouldn’t undergo many unnecessary biopsies.

Mammogram screenings can’t reduce mortality rates

These studies also managed to prove that mammography doesn’t reduce the mortality rates. It’s a procedure which is very dangerous and these researchers consider it to be very unnecessary.

They claim that mammography shouldn’t be used even though it is used in various parts of the world. Some women are diagnosed successfully but others aren’t and if it only brings more harm than good, we should think about doing it. These studies are already accepted in various parts of the world and numerous doctors recommend the usage of other sources to discover malformations in the organism and not mammography. They’re doing everything to prevent its use. Who would want to crush a possible tumor between two metal plates? That really sounds insane!