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According To Many Scientists, These Indispensable Exercises Will Help Us Live Longer!


It’s very important to cherish our health as we only live once. We need to take care of it well and start having some good habits from a young age. Taking good care of our health signifies that we’ll be healthier, happier people and our life will be longer and more active.  

Today, we’re going to present you a test for the body age as well as several exercises that will improve your complete life and your whole health.

Here’s how to test the body age:

Do some warm-up exercises so that you could prepare your muscles.

After this, you need to bend over. Use your hands and try to reach the floor. Your back and your legs must be straight! Remember which point your hands reached. Stand straight.

Test results

20-25 years

Your legs are straight and you can easily touch the floor using the hands. Your muscles are very relaxed.

25-38 years

You’re using your fingertips to touch the floor. Your knees are bent a bit. You don’t feel much discomfort.

38-50 years

The upper part of the feet can be touched with the help of your fingers. You also feel your muscles tensed and you have bent knees. You just want to stand up as soon as you can.

More than 50 years

You aren’t able to touch the feet. If you try to bend a little bit, you end up with completely bent knees. This position makes you really uncomfortable.

How Can You Improve The Flexibility?

Don’t worry if your results aren’t satisfying. If you try to bend more than 30 times every day, the results will be amazing in only 1 month.

According to the Tibetan sages, a person’s body age is connected to the condition of their liver as well as the flexibility. A sedentary lifestyle is very bad for our body. All the organs and muscles have a negative effect.

Bend more than 30 times every day and you’ll also have stronger tendons and ligaments. You really can improve your own flexibility at any age and that’s great!

Bonus: How To Use A Static Gymnastic Exercise To Release The Muscular Tension?

This kind of an exercise will help you remove any inner muscular spasm. It’s a very simple exercise that will fill your body with lots of oxygen and release the tension you feel. Many muscles are used. Its most important effect is that it improves your process of digestion and “massages” your organs on the inside.  You can do it whenever and wherever you want to without any special equipment! Isn’t it the best?

Start by holding your breath.

Then, inhale deeply while at the same time, you’re trying to round off the stomach.

After this, hold your breath again.

Then, you should exhale all the air out of the lungs. Suck the stomach in.

Important: You’ll have to consult your doctor before you start with any exercise plan to check if everything is OK with you.



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