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According To Data In Leaked Emails, Aspartame Causes Holes in the Brain!


NutraSweet has been proved to be a very dangerous food ingredient according to a leaked e-mail. The contents of the mail claims that this ingredient was given to lab mice and it used to make holes in their brains! The informant even claimed that NutraSweet is so bad that researchers would tell a pregnant woman to drink anything alcoholic in great amounts rather than drinking a sip of this!

The e-mails were sent between a man called Don Kennedy and Wendy Abrams. Kennedy explained how aspartame became legalized. The developer of aspartame was Searle. He tried to get an approval by the FDA to use aspartame as a food sweetener on January 21, 1981.

It was the second time that he looked for approval as aspartame was banned before. There was a scientific commission that had to review the decision created by Arthur Hayes Hull, Jr., the new commissioner of FDA, appointed by Reagan. Hull did everything he could so that aspartame could win and not be banned anymore.  

So, why is aspartame included in numerous products if humans cant consume it?

Dr. Betty Martini researched this for numerous years. Here is some of her data:

1. According to FDA, there are 92 symptoms of aspartame ingestion that have been documented: fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, memory loss, headaches, vertigo, loss of taste, joint pain, palpitations, weakness, tinnitus, numbness, rashes, blurry vision, dizziness, blindness and seizures.

2. These conditions were also connected to aspartame: Gulf War syndrome, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Grave’s disease, lupus, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, DNA damage, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, birth defects, lymphoma, mental retardation, and even death.

3. This excitotoxic, teratogenic, neurotoxic, addictive and carcinogenic which goes under the name of aspartame should not be included in our everyday diet!

But, we all have to understand that corruption and greed are the ones that actually fill our food with numerous poisons like aspartame is. Big Pharma and Big Government are only some of them. Is there something more sinister? Power actually makes people buy chemical-laden food.

People who are sick and weak depend on pharmacies and medicines and can’t do anything on their own, while people who are robust and healthy can do everything on their own and don’t need anyone’s help. Everyone is afraid of that kind of people. You should take a look at the documentary which is called “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World”. You’ll discover quickly that you should never ever use aspartame again and remove it from your diet!