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A Plant or a Bird? Which Is It?


Every day, we see astonishing things on the web. Apart from all the political tweets and similar nonsense, every day there’s some interesting thing that catches our imagination. Just recently, a user called Octopus Prime on Reddit shared something amazing with the world. It’s a simple pic of a plant with quite the unusual flowers which look like hummingbirds. No, it’s not a type and we’re not kidding. Take one look at it and you’ll be asking yourself if it’s a plant or a bird!

Here’s the plant in question:

In just a short time, the thread got nearly 50,000 upvotes. It’s fair to say that it’s gone viral. Many people commented on the user’s pic and were curious to learn what was it. Any biologists to chime in?

Crotalaria cunninghamii is the right answer. Hard to pronounce, the plant goes by the name of regal (green) birdflower, which is as appropriate as it gets. Growing in the northern inland of Australia, it’s one of the most unique plants we’ve seen. Ancient Aborigines used it to treat infections, especially the ones related to the eyes. We all have to agree that it’s simply astonishing. Have you seen anything like it?