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8 Warning Signs of Anemia


Anemia, as most of you probably know, is a blood disorder caused by a lack of iron in the system. Our body needs this mineral to produce new red blood cells, so when it doesn’t have enough of it, it won’t be able to create the cells which will inevitably lead to a host of problems. In this case, even a small cut can become a serious problem as the wound wouldn’t be able to stop bleeding.

Being anemic is an even bigger problem than the apparent loss of blood. When you’re losing blood, you’re losing red blood cells and iron at the same time, deepening the problem and making things much worse. This is why it’s important to recognize the early signs of anemia and prevent further blood loss.

Here are some of the most common ones:

Pale Membranes

If you’re suffering from anemia, the waterline above the lower lashes in your eyes will turn pale. Regularly, this area is full of veins that are red due to healthy blood pumping through them, so whenever it turns pale, it’s definitely a sign that you’re anemic.


Anemia is one of the most common causes of fatigue – when the body doesn’t have enough red blood cells that carry oxygen to all body parts, nothing will function properly, resulting in fatigue which can go on for days or weeks, even when you’re properly rested. People suffering from anemia have reported feeling tired and worn down all day long. The fatigue caused by anemia will also leave you without sleep, making matters much worse.


If you’ve recently developed anxiety symptoms such as a racing heart, it may be because of anemia. When the heart pumps blood harder and faster trying to get more oxygen throughout the whole body, it will surely make you feel anxious. If you don’t fix the problem on time, you’ll be losing a lot of blood and force your heart to work even harder, resulting in higher levels of anxiety and several other problems.

Shortness of Breath

Anemic people can barely catch their breath when physically active. This occurs because the blood cells can’t deliver the higher levels of oxygen your body needs, resulting in shortness of breath. So, if you’re having problems catching your breath even after simple physical activities, you might be suffering from anemia.


Headaches are a symptom of many disorders and conditions, so they’re not automatically tied to anemia. However, they might come as a result of lack of iron – if you’ve been plagued by headaches for no apparent reason in the past few weeks, it’s best to get a blood test and check your iron levels.


The human body decides which organ gets blood first and which comes second. When there’s a shortage of healthy blood, it will start delivering the blood meant for extremities to vital organs and body parts, resulting in numbness in the arms and legs.

Poor Concentration

Poor concentration or brain fog is a common symptom of anemia which occurs due to the low levels of iron in your blood. This has been confirmed by a number of scientific studies, so if you’re suffering from the so-called brain fog far too often, you may also be suffering from anemia.

Heavy Periods

Any irregularity in your periods is a sign of concern – if your period is irregular and heavy, it might be triggered by anemia or uterine fibroids. As soon as you notice that there’s something out of the ordinary with your period, we strongly suggest visiting a doctor.

Any of these symptoms can be triggered by a variety of diseases and conditions, not anemia alone. However, anemia is a serious disorder which should be treated sooner rather than later as it can have serious consequences on your health. As soon as you recognize any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor. If your doctor diagnoses anemia, you’ll be put on an appropriate treatment and diet which should normalize your iron levels soon.