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These 8 Night Drinks Will Help You Burn Fat And Also Detoxify Your Liver


One of the best things we can offer to our liver in order to detoxify it are drinks that can be taken at night. The traditional Chinese medicine claims that our liver works best between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Today, we’re offering you 8 drinks that you can take at night in order to detoxify your liver during the most optimal time, but also burn fats!

Liver and detoxification

While we’re asleep, our body regenerates and rebuilds its tissues, so that’s when detoxification appears, too. Another thing is also very important. We have to be deeply asleep long before the most optimal time of detoxification appears.

We also need to have enough body fluids as well as blood so that all of the toxic matters can be removed through the process of detoxification. If we do this often, we’ll have a healthy metabolism which burns fats better and faster.

8 night drinks to detoxify liver and burn fat

These are some teas and drinks that you should take before falling asleep. Take a look at them:

Chamomile tea

This is a type of tea that we all like to drink for relaxation, but it’s also amazing for detoxification as it possesses sesquiterpenlactones. They are amazing for this process. Chamomile is a herb that possesses anti-inflammatory properties which help us remove all the harmful matters responsible for various types of inflammation.  

Lemon water

One of the things that many experts recommend is drinking hot lemon water. Chop a lemon and add the pieces into a glass of hot water or just squeeze the lemon juice inside. Make sure the lemons are organic. Lemon will remove all of the toxic matters from your organism. Hot liquids are far better for your organism than cold ones.  

Lotus seeds

This is a type of herb which is amazing for a night tea. Use it against anxiety, stress etc. It will you’re your mind. You can also add it a bit of lavender to calm down your nerves and decrease your anxiety.

Chinese date

This is an amazing herb for burning fats and detoxification. It will also calm your mind, help you have a quality sleep at night and optimize your liver function. It can also improve the condition of your pancreas and spleen.

Rose tea

Rose is amazing. It’s often tied to our heart meridian and our emotions, so that’s why it’s probably a symbol of love. Rose tea can help us improve our liver, but also relieve depression. It has amazing effect on our blood circulation and helps it in the process of detoxification effectively.

Mint tea

Peppermint is an amazing herb which offers plenty of beneficial properties. It is especially helpful for our digestive process. It is abundant in essential oils like mentona and menthol. Peppermint is also very helpful against overeating. Mint is amazing for the process of detoxification.

Oat tea

Oat seeds and also oat flakes can create an amazing and very nutritional tea. It is abundant in minerals, proteins, vitamins which help us in the process of detoxification. Oat is also amazing because it helps us maintain a balance over our emotions, calm our mind etc.

Schizandra berries tea

These berries help us prepare an amazing fruity tea especially when they’re infused in hot water. They are amazing for detoxification of our organism. They also protect our liver and improve all the other organs in our body. They’re truly amazing!

Why is it important to drink plenty of liquids to lose fats and detoxify your liver?

If we want to lose fats, but also detoxify our organism, it’s extremely important to intake lots of fluids. We also need to sleep well and make some diet and lifestyle changes. You’ll definitely need time to adapt to them, but be patient. Your body will reward you as you’ll feel greater very soon!