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These 7 Effective Ways Will Help You Keep Mice Out Of Your Home!


Mice are very unhygienic creatures. They aren’t like rats because they don’t pose a threat for our overall health. They are known to make holes in our clothes and bedding and also bite our electrical wires. They can also appear when they notice pieces of food on the floor, like bread crumbs etc.

Make sure you never leave food unprotected and you always have a clean environment at home. Your trashcans need to be closed because that can also attract mice especially during autumn and winter. Cold water makes them search for new places of living.

In this article, we’re going to present you some effective ways that can help you get rid of them forever!  

How to Get Rid of Rodents


Put several traps in various areas where you live, at your apartment or house.

Ultrasonic rodent scavengers

These are some devices that have become popular recently.  The sound fills the room. The rodents don’t stand it and run away from it. We can’t hear this sound, so don’t worry because it isn’t harmful for us.

Special rodent glue

Apply the glue on a big piece of cardboard. The mice will glue to it easily. They won’t be able to move. If you’ve seen more than 1 mouse, this is the best method for you as you’ll trap all of them.

Peppermint oil

Use the oil to sprinkle it all around your home. Mice can’t stand the strong smell of peppermint which is pleasant to us. They’ll get away from the area.

Hot pepper flakes

Sprinkle hot pepper flakes everywhere. You can mix them with some cheese to attract the mice. They will eat them and they won’t be back!

Hot sauce

Mice can’t stand spicy food. You just have to put several drops of hot sauce in various areas of your home and prevent mice from coming back there.


There are cats that are lazier than others. Make sure you have a cat or at least your neighbor has a cat that likes to chase mice and you’ll never see them around!