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Here Are 5 Simple Ways That Can Prevent Fluid Retention And Reduce Your Bloating


If you’re feeling heavier than you really are, the excess weight may actually be excess water. The body consists of 55-75% of water, which can make your weight fluctuate. In some cases, fluid retention can make you pretty heavier than usual, which some people mistake for weight gain.

What’s water weight?

Water weight occurs due to fluid retention in the body. This condition is caused by leaking capillary walls or a swift change in arterial pressure, which makes water stay in your tissues and swell them. Too much fluid in the lymphatic system is another cause of fluid retention – when the lymph doesn’t move around the body, it will accumulate in the joints, ankles and feet and make you feel bloated.

Determining if your weight gain is due to fat or water is difficult as the body weight fluctuates due to the fluids in our tissues by around 2-4 pounds a day. Losing or gaining that much muscle or fat in one day is unnatural – after all, you need to eat about 3500 calories over the average daily intake to gain a pound. Knowing this, it’s possible that your excess weight is actually caused by fluid retention in the tissues.

The “water weight” is really difficult to lose, but it can be done with a few tricks. Here’s how to reduce fluid retention and reduce your bloating:

Cardio exercise

Cardio is the first step you can take to get rid of your excess weight. Regular cardiovascular exercise will raise your heart rate and burn fat while also accelerating your metabolism. This type of exercise will also stimulate elimination of toxins from your body, and you only need 30-60 minutes a day.

Reduce your sodium intake

If you’re already working out and you’re still bloated, the next step is to control your sodium intake. People who eat sodium-rich foods tend to be more bloated as the water molecules attach to sodium instantly. Consume too much sodium, and you will definitely experience fluid retention. Of course, you don’t need to completely get off salt – keep your intake low instead (about 1500 mg. of sodium per day) and you will resolve the problem.

Reduce your sugar intake

Consuming too much sugar is another cause for fluid retention. Instead of sugar, you should increase your protein and fiber intake to prevent fluid retention and the bloating that makes you look fat.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is a must if you want to stay healthy and fit. Getting rid of your water weight means that you need to stay hydrated by drinking enough water, so make sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.

Eat a healthy diet

Consuming natural foods will boost your metabolism and flush out the toxins and excess water from your body. A healthy diet will prevent fluid retention and keep you safe from numerous ailments as well. The best way to achieve this is to add more fruit and vegetables in your diet and stop eating sugary treats so often.

These 5 steps will reduce the bloating and eliminate the excess water from your body – follow them and you will be able to reduce the bloating which makes you unattractive.