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These 5 Foot Exercises Will Help You Relieve Knee, Back and Hip Pain In Only 20 Minutes!


People usually think that when they have problems with their knees, back and hips, it’s because they have a certain medical problem in that area. Still, according to some studies, when you activate the muscles of your feet, they can help you relieve this kind of pain. One of the things that can cause pain in other parts of the body are some blood restrictions of the feet. If you try to release the caused tension, you’ll feel great relief immediately.

Here, we’re presenting you 5 exercises that will only take you 2 minutes and the pain in your hips, back and knees will disappear. You’ll need only some equipment and you can do them everywhere!

Walking on Your Toes

If you try to walk forward, but on your tiptoes only for several seconds, you’ll manage to relax the pads of your feet. If you repeat that for several times, you’ll relax any muscle from your body.

Ankle Circles

The blood which is restricted around the ankles can be one of the causes for pain in some parts of the body. You can rotate your ankles for several times. Do it first in one direction then in the opposite one. Your blood flow will return, you’ll improve your mobility and you’ll also stretch out the ligaments which lead to your knees, hip and back.

Toe Gripping Exercises

For this exercise, you can use something for writing. Put it on the floor. Make sure you are barefoot and try to grip it using your toes. Hold it like that for 10 seconds. Then, return it on the floor. If you repeat it for several times, you’ll notice marvelous results. The best results will show up if you’re standing while you’re doing it.

Toe Presses

Stand straight. Then, bend your knees a bit and after that your toes. Grip the floor with them. Keep them like that for 3 seconds and return them into the initial position. Do this exercise for several minutes. The relief will be immediate. Your body will be relaxed instantly and you’ll no longer feel pain.

Flex Small Muscles of Foot

For this, you’ll need a piece of fabric that will offer you resistance or a scarf. You’ll also need some furniture, for example, a bedpost. Sit on the floor and tie the piece of fabric to the bedpost. Tie the other part of it around your ankle. Pull against the tied scarf while you’re lifting your foot. You should feel your muscles flexing. Keep that position for 10 seconds and relax. This exercise can be repeated for 4 or 5 times. You’ll stretch the muscles in your whole body.

All of the exercises can be done for 20 minutes. You’ll see that they’ll offer you amazing results and the pain will be gone very soon!


source: www.healthyfoodstar.com