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5 Exercises That Completely Melt Back Fat


We all hate belly fat and love handles but is there anything uglier than that excess back fat which ‘seeps’ out of your bra? Although there are many exercises that can melt fat from different parts of the body if you’re patient, none of them is really aimed at the back. The seeping back fat can’t be covered with clothes and causes other problems as well, such as excessive sweating and even pain in the lower back. It’s not a simple cosmetic problem like most people think and it’s pretty hard to get rid of, which is why every woman dreams of finding a solution.

Unfortunately, removing the excess back fat is not simple. When it comes to removal of back fat, it’s a combination of strengthening the back muscles and working on the right muscle groups. Of course, losing weight without dieting simply isn’t possible, so you must combine the two together.

Adjust your diet and try the following 5 exercises to target your back fat and see it melt in just a short time:


Push-ups are a great and popular exercise that may take time to master but works like a charm. Lauded as the best chest exercise, push-ups can also reinforce the muscles in your back and that means melting back fat. When doing push-ups, your hands should be in a wider position than your shoulders and you should hold yourself down for 2-3 seconds. Keep your back straight and focus on the downward movement, and you’ll soon notice the results.


Pull-ups are a bit more advanced exercise that requires a lot of upper body strength. The key is to perform it often until you get good at it – just keep going at it until you get stronger. Find a way to make pull-ups easier for you and gradually increase the intensity. Over time, your upper body will get stronger and you’ll get used to the exercise – once you do, the results will come sooner than you expect them.

Upright Row

If you don’t have access to a rowing machine, the upright row exercise works just as great. Just take two dumbbells in your hands and move them in a rowing movement from the thighs to the chin. Keep your elbows as extended as possible and feel your back flex. The dumbbells should be as close to your body as possible and you should make sure the main movement comes from your elbows as its controlled by a muscle in the middle of the back which is the one this exercise targets.

Reverse Fly

The reverse fly is a fun and simple exercise which really hits the back fat hard. All you need are two dumbbells, but even two bigger bottles of water will do nicely if you don’t have dumbbells. Just spread your arms at shoulder level, then squeeze the shoulder blades several times. Relax your hands and repeat the exercise again – not only will the reverse fly melt that gross back fat, it will also strengthen your core and burn fat from other areas on your body.

Plank with Arm Raise

You surely know everything about the plank – it’s a full-body workout that hits all muscle groups. By raising one of your arms during a plank, you will strengthen your upper body and blast the excess belly and back fat at the same time. Remember – to melt all the fat on your back, you need to build muscle first, and that’s exactly what the plank with arm raise will do.

Although the program may look like too much to some people, it’s really effective if you stick to it and eat a proper diet, of course. Remember that it will take some time before you see results, but keep going and everything will pay off nicely soon.