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These 5 Famous Children’s Snacks Are Made From Products Based on Petroleum And Are Extremely Dangerous!


Food which is advertised on TV commercials and through the radio is often watched by children. Everything is being advertised by product placement: magazines, clothes, toys and even the Internet is being used. Even $10 billion are spent every year on marketing food to children. They spend this money just to make children want to buy the extra-sugary cereal that has a certain movie character on the box.

Children are also obsessed with the fruit snacks which are abundant in artificial preservatives and are with the shape of animals. In fact, these marketing procedures only sell food of poor nutritional quality to the most vulnerable group e.g. our children. These foods are very dangerous for everyone’s health. You probably wonder how can all those ingredients affect the general health? That’s because these products actually belong to the group of junk food products.

These popular snacks contain various food additives as well as artificial colors that will make them more attractive to children. Children think that their food looks fun and they want to have it. Two of the dyes which are used most usually are Red 40 and Yellow 5 (tartrazine).

Petroleum is what they are made from. It is mostly used to improve products like Kool-Aid, Fruit Loops, macaroni and cheese, Jell-O, fruit roll-ups Nutri-Grain cereal bars, popsicles etc. Numerous health problems are said to appear because of these food dyes. It was scientifically proved that they can cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity and cancer.

These two abovementioned food dyes are banned in the UK, but unfortunately, food companies in the USA still use them for their food products. They use 15 million pounds of 8 different synthetic dyes into various foods every year. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration claims that these can cause difficulties and obstructions in the behavior of children, but they haven’t done anything to prevent their use. Numerous products are filled with these dyes. Here, we’re going to present you the most widely used ones.

These 5 children’s snacks are the most popular, but they are abundant in ingredients based on petroleum:

Pop Tarts

Frosted Strawberry is considered to be the most popular flavor of Pop Tarts. Its main ingredients are sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and. They have all been scientifically proved to be able to cause various health problems in children, especially liver problems, sugar addiction and diabetes. These are toaster pastries whose very dangerous main ingredient is TBHQ.

That’s a product based on petroleum and it has been proved to be able to cause cellular dysfunction. It has already been tested on lab animals where it has been connected to paralysis, tumors, loss of vision, convulsions and liver enlargement.

Fruit Snacks

The most commonly used dye is Red 3 or erythrosine. It is a product based on petroleum product which has been tied to the appearance of thyroid tumors, so that’s why its use into the cosmetic industry is banned. So, they think it shouldn’t be used on the skin, but it can be eaten? Make sure you avoid buying gummy products for you and your children!


These candies are extremely popular. They contain more things than only chocolate, like for example, Blue 1, connected to faster development of malignant tumors, Blue 2, linked to the increase of hyperactivity as well as brain tumors, Yellow 5 and 6 connected to the appearance of cancer and Red 40 that is known to be able to damage DNA,


Cheetos contain an artificial coloring like Yellow 6 also derived from petroleum. The “cheese” flavoring is also dangerous because it includes which includes ethyl methylphenidate and methyl benzoate.

Teddy Grahams

The tiny bears are everyone’s favorite. They contain plenty of TBHQ that has been proved to be able to cause fragment DNA, stomach cancer in lab rats, and damage to the human umbilical and lung cells. It has also been proved that in children, it can make the symptoms of ADHD stronger, as well as cause anxiety and restlessness.

If you use these products along with the artificial dyes in them can cause the appearance of various health problems, but if you’re conscious about your health, you can avoid them and stop buying them. You can offer your children various foods and vegetables which are at least organic and aren’t packed with various chemicals and the most important thing is that they are also abundant in various colors!