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These Are 4 Of The Most Common Heart Attack Signs You Need To Be Aware About!


One of the most serious medical conditions nowadays is definitely the heart attack. It appears when usually a blood clot obstructs the supply of blood to your heart. The condition is very dangerous. In case you suspect you’re experiencing it or someone near you has it, you need to call 911 immediately!

It’s also known under the name of CHD or coronary heart disease and it’s one of the main things that causes heart attacks. It’s characterized by blood vessels that are clogged up by deposits of cholesterol usually called plaques.

Before a heart attack can appear, one of the plaques has to burst. It then creates a blood clot at the side where the rupture is. That clot may prevent or even block the blood supply to the heart. That is what causes a heart attack.

Mostly, one of the general symptoms of a heart attack is chest pain that can be spreading along the chest, neck, jaw, arms, back etc. Some of the other common signs are: nausea, shortness of breath, cold sweats and lightheadedness.

Still, there are 25% of the heart attacks that are silent, without any sign. That’s why people mistake them for other conditions or don’t visit their doctor. If you visit your doctor on time, you can prevent the disease and also reverse it.

These are some of the signs that aren’t that obvious and usual as the other signs:

1. Swelling

People usually connect this problem with too much sitting or standing, but also heart problems can cause it. Fluids can accumulate around these areas and they begin to swell. Some people may start losing their appetite, but they still gain weight.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety attacks appear before the heart attack. If you think it’s happening to you, call 911.

3. Pain in Other Parts of the Body

It’s a type of pain that appears in the chest, but spreads in the neck, jaw, arms, abdomen, elbows, shoulders. People who felt pain in their arms often reported heart attacks.

4. Coughing

Phlegm with blood can sometimes be coughed by people who have heart failure. It’s especially common for people with pneumonia, a lung infection.  It appears because of the accumulation of fluids in the lungs. It makes the process of breathing very difficult.

Note: Make sure you NEVER ignore these signs! Be careful about them! If they don’t disappear for several minutes, call 911 or go there right away! You can also take 1 aspirin, unless you’re allergic to it!