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These 3 Very Simple Exercises Will Help You Against Knee Pain Without Any Medicine Or Surgery!


A new study emerged from Britain where the researchers tried to find a connection between knee pain and body mass index (BMI) changes. They examined even 594 women during a period of 14 years. When the study ended, the results showed that women who had knee pain had higher BMIs.

Another study from the Netherlands subjected people on X-rays which were repeated 6 years later. People who had BMI over 27 had increased chances of developing knee osteoarthritis.

For example, the BMI of a woman who weighs 167 pounds and is 5 feet 6 inches tall is 27.

When you have body fat that is extra for you, then a hormone called leptin releases into higher amounts. According to various experts, this hormone may have a greater role than anyone thought when it comes to developing osteoarthritis. Body fat can also release substances which promote inflammation in your body.

2 of these substances, interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor alpha, have been proved to have a very important role when it comes to the cartilage damage that is common in osteoarthritis.

Manage Extra Weight to Help Knee Pain

According to a recent study, people who are obese or overweight and suffer from knee osteoarthritis can lose weight with the help of exercises that can reduce the knee pain and a slight change in their diet. If you want to have healthy knees, you have to lose weight.  

Here, we’re going to show you a way to strengthen your knees. You don’t need those harmful medications which cause side-effects anymore!

Take a look!

Exercise 1 – Step Ups

Take several books with had cover and put them one on top of the other. Then, put one of your legs on the progression. Make sure that your knee is on your toes constantly.

The whole body weight should be on the leg. Then, you should pull the other leg up to the stack of books but moderately. Your muscles should work and you should feel it. Put your leg down. Repeat the whole movement until you feel like your legs are burning. After you feel like this, do 2 more repetitions. Then, switch sides.

Exercise 2 – Lunges

Use the stack of books to cling to it. You’d better use a higher stack. Your feet should be positioned on every side of the stack.

Then, make sure your front knee doesn’t pass your toes and your back is upright.

Your body should be brought straight down moderately. The back knee should touch the books. At this moment, start raising your body gradually. You have to feel like your knee is burning. Do 2 more repetitions. Switch sides.

Exercise 3 – Squats

This exercise should include a coffee table or a chair. If you need the surface to be taller, use the stack of books again.

For this exercise, you should stand. Your feet should be separated at a shoulder-width. Your base should be driven back and down. You should feel like it’s touching the surface.

Then, fly back upright. You should feel like your knees are burning like with the previous exercises. Repeat it 2 times more.

Here’s a video with some extra tips from Dr. Jo concerning these activities!