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This 3 Day Sugar Detox Will Help You Become Slimmer and Healthier!


Even though many people think that we gain weight by eating fats and carbs, that’s not true. It’s mostly because we gain sugars. Eating sugar moderately isn’t risky, but if you drink sodas or eat candy and cereals every day, you will certainly gain weight.

A healthy way of eating sugar that will satisfy your cravings is through bananas, honey, raisins, organic juices, mangos etc. In case of sugar overdose, you’ll have signs like depression, fatigue, headaches, hyperactivity, drowsiness, yeasts, mental dizziness, sinus issues, colds, heart problems, breast cancer, diabetes etc.

Is weight gain linked to sugar?

By ingesting sugar, our body mostly uses it as a source of energy, but the rest of it becomes stored as fat. Natural sugar isn’t even near added sugar. Added sugar can cause intestinal bacteria, create more blood etc. What’s left of it becomes stored to our waist, hips and thighs.

‘No’ to sugar!

It’s true! You can say ‘No’ to sugar. You’ll probably experience symptoms of withdrawal like cravings, headaches, sadness or fatigue.  It usually appears after you’ve eaten something. The body sends a signal towards your brain and you start craving for sugar.

Stop ingesting added sugar, but with slow steps. Remove one kind of sugar at a time. You’ll probably feel dizzy and crave for a lot of sugar, but you’ll feel OK soon.

The 3-day plan for detox

In our detox plan, we’re suggesting you an interesting plan that in the first day, it will include 3 boiled or scrambled eggs or seeds, berries, a cup of oats and almonds. Eat a bowl of nuts as a snack. Your lunch should be consisted of beets, chicken breast, carrots, almonds, cooked squash, beans, parsnip, turnips. In your dinner, include is green beans, salmon, broiled fish and broccoli + mushroom.

Day number 2 should start with 3 scrambled or boiled eggs or seeds, berries, steel cut oats and almonds just like the previous day. Eat a bowl of nuts as a snack. For lunch, you can prepare a salad consisted of green and red cabbage, parsley, carrots, salt, lemon and olive oil or grilled zucchini with thyme, red and yellow pepper, vinegar and lemon.

Your dinner should contain cod, soup with beans, green veggies or a veggie casserole. You can also eat some baked cod or bok choy with roasted turnips and Brussels sprouts.

The third day should start just like the previous 2 days or you can have an omelet made of 3 eggs, sautéed kale, walnuts, shrimps and radish salad. Eat a bowl of nuts as a snack. Your lunch should be consisted of some roasted chicken in the oven with onion, thyme and olives or roasted chicken with some sage, rosemary and lemon.

In your dinner, you should include some ‘penne pasta’ made of brown rice with mushrooms, basil, tomato and sage or mushrooms with onion, garlic, celery, thyme, broth, bay leaves and carrots.

Sugar detox beverages

You must stop drinking sodas and replace them with healthy detox drinks. They will boost your metabolism.

You can drink:

Detox water: put some chopped strawberries, grapefruit, berries, oranges, mint and rosemary into a jar of water. Keep it in the fridge.

Tea: you can consume green tea several times a day, but make sure it’s without sugar.

Coffee: Drink only 1 cup of black coffee a day, but without sugar.

Your cravings will definitely be controlled and you’ll get used to this healthy eating regimen!