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Do These 20 Things When You’re 30 And Improve Your Life When You’re 50 And More!


Recently, a survey was performed of people aged 50 or more, both men and women. The survey was actually a discussion about some things that these people wish they had already done but when they were younger. The answers are really interesting. Some are pretty smart.

Here they are! Enjoy!

1. Stop smoking now!

One of the female participants wishes she should have stopped smoking back then. It’s a very dangerous habit which causes health problems. Also, you smell awful! Another thing is that it’s pretty expensive! Stop it now!

2. Don’t eat unhealthy food!

The chance of giving up some unhealthy foods is while you’re younger. When you reach 50 or more, you’ll end up full of toxic matters that will have to be thrown away.

3. Always have good relationships with your siblings and parents. If you should repair them, do that!

Getting along with the most important people in your life, like your family or siblings is extremely important. Think about something that you have a different opinion about. Don’t jump into conclusions right away. Just think about it for a while and talk it out. It would be better to do that then to regret it later. You can sort out anything!

4. Always wear sun cream while you’re out in the sun!

You need to protect your skin from young age. Use sun cream so that your skin is without wrinkles and healthy.

5. Exercise regularly.

You need to be active from young age. Exercise regularly. Make sure you avoid gaining weight. In that way, you’ll be much healthier!

6. Save even the smallest amount of money.

It’s very important to know how to save money. Maybe you think that saving very small amounts is pretty useless, but it really isn’t. You’ll make it a habit and you’ll always have some money aside. You may need them anytime!

7. Always be content with what you have.

It’s really important to be happy with what you already have. You won’t be peaceful if you aren’t. Try to be happy with less money or less possessions. Sometimes millionaires are the unhappiest people of all.

8. Pursue your life goals at young age.

It doesn’t matter which your goals are: to buy a house, to have children, to try something dangerous etc. Try it out now! It may be late and you will be sorry for sure!

9. Sleep well.

It’s very important to sleep well. At least 8 hours a night in a bedroom that’s without noise or light is the best thing you can do for your body and brain. If you don’t have that, you’ll always be exhausted which will lead causing various health problems. Avoid using lap-tops, mobiles or tablets before you go to bed and put them at the other side of the room.

10. Maintain good oral health.

Go to your dentist often. Dental problems can be the root cause for numerous diseases or illnesses even though they look small. Forget about all the fear and pain and make an appointment right away!

11. Collect memories and not things.

Try to avoid collecting things. Collect memories instead. In that way, you’ll always have something to remember.

12. Give something back.

Try to be good and kind all the time. When the time arrives, the good will return to you at the best possible way. Do everything with your heart and soul and never expect anything in return.

13. Be curious! Do something scary every day.

Go on an unplanned adventure! Try anything you have considered to be dangerous, whether it is flying with a helicopter, bungee jumping, etc. You’ll always cherish that memory!

14. Read at least 10 books every year.

Avoid using the computer and the TV too much. Read books because they help your brain grow and develop!

15. Travel as much as you can.

It’s very important to travel. First, it’s real adventure. You can take several risks and remember the interesting places where you did them. Traveling is a magical experience!

16. Learn how to meditate.

This is ‘a must’.’ Numerous studies prove that meditation is extremely efficient and that it’s the only try way that will help you relax and be in peace.

17. Never compare yourself to others.

Make sure you are true to yourself. Never do anything to impress someone around you. Don’t compare to anyone else! If you do that, you’ll be a very strong person!

18. Keep a journal.

Writing a journal will help you preserve all your precious memories. That will help you remember them. Put photos! When the time comes, you can show it to your kids or grandchildren!

19. Own a home.

Own anything, no matter if it’s a house or a small apartment. That will help you always have something of yours. You’ll appreciate it always!

20. Take care of your friends.

Try to know which your real friends are. Keep them by your side. Enjoy life and spend time with them laughing or doing whatever you do when you’re together. Stay in touch no matter what! These are the most important bonds that should always remain strong!