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Only 2 Tablespoons of Epsom Salt Can Help You Treat These 8 Common Health Problems!


Epsom salt is relatively well-known nowadays, but did you know that it can help you relief the terrible joint pain? Epsom salt has a variety of different uses. It was used for numerous centuries. Epsom salt has been discovered near England around 1680.

In this article, we’re going to present you some of the best uses of Epsom salt.

What Does Epsom Salt Represent?

Epsom salt is actually a type of mineral which appears in nature. It is abundant in sulfates and magnesium and they are considered to be its main ingredients.

The sulfates and the magnesium can be absorbed through our skin and in that way, they get inside our body. They have many vital functions in our organism. Numerous researches show this ability of Epsom salt precisely, that it allows sulfate and magnesium to be absorbed through our skin.

Here are the best 8 uses of Epsom salt!   

8 Surprising Benefits of Epsom Salt

1. Ease Joint Pain

The most well-known use of Epsom salt is this one. You need to prepare an Epsom salt bath. You’ll bathe in it and allow all the sulfates as well as the magnesium to be absorbed into your body. The best way to intake magnesium is through this type of salt. Our body finds it harder to absorb magnesium when we take it as a supplement.  

2. Solve The Problem For Greasy Hair

In case of oily hair, just add a little bit of Epsom salt into your shampoo. You’ll be amazed by its effectiveness!

3. Foot Scrub

Mix some Castile soap, olive oil and Epsom salt. Use it only twice a week and you’ll notice how smooth your feet will be.  

4. Face Scrub

If you prepare a mixture of your everyday cream and a little bit of Epsom salt, you’ll get an amazing face scrub. Massage the skin on your face using circular movements. Wash it with plenty of warm water after a while. You’ll see the amazing results after several uses.

5. Epsom Salt Bath To Cure Headaches

Prepare an Epsom salt bath and relax yourself in it. The sulfates and the magnesium are amazing against headaches.

6. Forget About Muscle Pains

The bath prepared with some Epsom salt can also help you cure any muscle pain.  

7. Clean Your Bathroom

Ake some liquid soap and a little bit of Epsom salt and mix them well. They should be in equal measurements. You can clean every part of your bathroom with this mixture: the tiles, the sink etc. You’ll be amazed by the results!

8. Fertilize Your Fruits

Many people aren’t even aware that Epsom salt can do this! If you add a teaspoon of Epsom salt in the soil of your plants, fruits or vegetables, you’ll soon realize that they’ve started to grow much higher and brighter!


As we already said, Epsom salt has been used since ancient times. The most famous use includes treating pain caused by arthritis and joint pain. Most of the uses this type of salt can offer to you are connected to improving your health: relaxing your body, getting rid of muscle pains, curing headaches, etc. As we have already presented, you can also use it to clean your bathroom, fertilize your plants or prepare a wonderful skin scrub!

Epsom salt is the best natural solution for numerous things! You can now forget about all the expensive products and start using it today! You’ll be simply amazed and you’ll want to use it all the time! Don’t hesitate and try it out now!



  1. I tried you’re suggestion with ebson salt in shampoo and found that the ebson salt actually desolved the shampoo and interferes with the cleaning process so what I did was mixed 1/4 cup of the salt in two cups of warm water after shampoo and rinse the I rinsed with the solution and rinsed again with water and it really dried up the excess oil, conditioner or residue left on the roots of hair, so it works except it dries out the ends.

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