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2 Organs Are Connected To Every Finger! This Japanese Method Can Help You Cure Any Problem In Only 5 Minutes!


One of the best known medicinal practices is represented through the Japanese culture. They have been used for numerous centuries since they can treat almost any health problem, illness or disease.

Here, we’re going to present you how to help yourself in case of a medical problem in only several minutes with the help of a technique that is extremely effective!

It’s called the “Jin shin Jitsu” and it is an ancient healing art from Japan. It can harmonize the emotional state of a person by stimulating various points on your fingers.

This technique claims that every finger on the palm of our hand is tied to 2 organs in our body. If we know how to stimulate the correct point on your fingers, you’ll improve your emotional as well as physical health. It will only take you 5 minutes, but the results are remarkable. It’s really simple to do this method. Just take the finger for the organ you’re having problems with. Press it tightly for 5 minutes. You must breathe deeply for the whole time. When the 5 minutes pass, release it. Massage any finger like that.

Here are the organs and the connection to the fingers:


Connected to: stomach and spleen

Emotions: depression and anxiety

Symptoms:  nervousness, skin problems, headaches, anxiety and stomach pain

Index finger:

Connected to: kidneys and bladder

Emotions: fear, confusion and disappointment

Symptoms: digestive problems, toothache, back pain and muscle pain

Middle finger:

Connected to: liver and yolky bitter

Emotions: anger, irritability and indetermination

Symptoms: headaches (especially in the frontal region), fatigue, circulation problems, migraine and menstrual pain

Ring finger:

Connected to: lungs and large intestines

Emotions: sadness, negativity and fear

Symptoms: respiratory issues, asthma, skin problems and digestion issues


Connected to: heart and small intestine

Emotions: worry, nervousness and self-doubt

Symptoms:  cardiovascular problems, weak bone and throat pain

Start using this amazing technique right now! The results will appear immediately and you’ll be amazed!