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Here Are 17 Interesting Uses For Old Tea Bags!


Tea is a healthy beverage that people have been drinking for millennia. There are different kinds to pick from, each one with its own characteristics. In general, we usually throw away the tea bags once we’re done preparing the tea, but this is wrong as tea bags can be used in numerous other ways. Here are 17 interesting uses of tea bags you probably didn’t know about:

Make your hands smell fresh

Our hands may smell bad after preparing meals that contain garlic, onions or fish, and the odor can stick around for quite a long time. People think that nothing helps, but rubbing your hands with a peppermint tea bag will remove the odors and keep your hands smell fresh.

A great compost

Tea bags are the perfect compost for your soil – they will nourish the plants with nutrients and keep most pests away. However, make sure to get rid of the staples before putting them in the compost pile.

A great mouthwash

Soak an old, used tea bag in a cup of warm water, then use the mixture as a mouthwash to prevent bad breath and keep it fresh.

Treat infections

Did you know that some tea bags can help you in cases of infections? Herbal teas often have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which can treat any kind of infection and prevent it from spreading.

Eliminate odors

Tea bags are the perfect odor absorber – just put one in your trash bin and you can say goodbye to odors forever. You can also use the bags to relieve odors coming from your fridge, carpet or cat litter box.

Relieve razor burns

Dampen a few tea bags in warm water, then use them as a compress on your razor burns to get some much-needed relief and prevent rashes and itchy skin.

A powerful natural hair rinse

Rinsing your hair with used tea bags will nourish your hair with nutrients and acts as a conditioner which will provide great volume and shine to your hair.

Portable custom air fresheners

Tie your favorite tea bag in the car to give it a pleasant smell. We recommend using lavender, jasmine or peppermint tea bags for this purpose.

Prevent grease from sticking on your dishes

Used tea bags can suck up the grease and burnt-on food from your dishes and pots and prevent the grease from sticking on your dishes. Soak a few tea bags in the affected pots and pans overnight, then rinse with water in the morning.

Refresh your tub

Leave a used tea bag to soak in your tub to make it smell fresh and clean it well.

Keep mice away from your home

Mint is a perfect natural deterrent for many pests including mice, spiders and ants. If these pests are bothering you, just put peppermint tea bags around your home and you will never have to fear them again.

Anti-inflammatory agent

Tea bags are powerful anti-inflammatory agents that can relax your body and treat problems such as blisters, bug bites, sunburn and tired eyes as well. Applying them to an injured area will also accelerate the healing of bruises and minor wounds.

Keep your plants healthy

To keep your plants healthy and help them grow, you should put a few used tea bags on the bottom of the pot, then cover with soil. The bags will supply your plants with essential nutrients and keep them growing strong.

Treat warts

Put a green tea bag over your warts and leave it to work for a bit – repeat the process every day and the warts should fall off soon.

Natural dye

Old tea bags are a perfect natural dye for your hair. They work on lighter colors and can be used for a brown, orange or greenish tinge. Tea bags can also be used to dye crafts, gift paper, cards and clothes. They are also non-toxic, so they won’t harm your health like commercial dyes.

Give your meals a great flavor

Old tea bags can give your dishes a great flavor. We recommend cinnamon, jasmine, green tea or chai bags for best results.

Treats poison ivy rashes

If you’ve got blisters on your skin from a poison ivy rash, you can eliminate it with the help of certain tea bags. Peppermint tea bags work best – just dampen them with a bit of water and apply them on the affected area to relieve the irritation and soothe the skin.

There you go – 17 interesting ways of using old tea bags. Try some of them yourself and you’ll be amazed by the results!

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