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These 15 Workout Mistakes Can Be Extremely Dangerous for Your Health


Some basic exercises are extremely important if you want to have a success in the gym. You’ll also gain muscles and lose weight. Still, many people do all these exercises wrong and in that way, they’re harming their health. All the effort just disappears.

Here, we’re going to present you several of the most important exercises and how to do them properly, but also effectively.

1. Hip bridge

Wrong: This exercise is about lowering your buttocks and not your lower back. In case you arch your back while you’re doing a hip bridge, you’re doing it wrong.

Right: Your knees should be bent while forming an angle to the floor. Your pelvis should be raised up. Your whole body should create a straight line which is going from your shoulders to the knees. When you’re at the top, try to squeeze your buttocks so that your abdominal muscles start to contract.

2. Alternate side lunges

Wrong: You’ll overload your knees and spine if you bend your knees during an acute angle or you lean very far forward.

Right: Your pelvis shouldn’t be raised and your back should be flat. Bend your knee at about 90° and then squat.

3. Plank

Wrong: Your back must be straight while you’re performing a plank. Any other way will be useless and ineffective.

Right: Your body must be in a straight line from the top of your head to your heels. Make sure your arms are at an angle of 90°. Your neck shouldn’t be bent.  

4. Back squat

Wrong: The wrong way is when your knees are beyond your toes. Then, your back is round because the barbell is laid on your neck. The weight goes on your toes which can cause severe injuries.

Right: The barbell weight should be kept in line with the middle of your feet. Make sure you don’t lift your heels of the floor when you arch back. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor. Avoid squatting too deeply.

5. Grip the barbell properly

Wrong: Your neck could suffer a very traumatic injury in case the barbell is on your neck.

Right: Your elbows should be pulled back. Make sure that when you contract your muscles, “a shelf” appears. Your shoulder blades should be squeezed together. The barbell should be on this shelf very low so that you can hold it steadily.

6. Squat with a plate or a dumbbell

Wrong: The wrong position is when your back is rounded because your shoulders are rounded, too. If you go too low while you’re doing a squat, you’ll be extra burdened.

Right: Your shoulder blades should be squeezed together and your shoulders should be pulled back. Make sure your back is straight while your lower back is arched a little bit. When you’re doing a squat, your thighs have to be parallel to the floor.

7. Deadlift

Wrong: If your legs aren’t vertical with your arms, you may injure your joints.

Right: First, you have to bend your knees. Then, your chest has to be pushed forward along with your lower back. Your pelvis also has to be pulled. Your arms and legs have to be perpendicular to the floor.

8. Step on a platform

Wrong: When we don’t stand close to the platform, we create a greater burden on our knees, but they’re not the ones that should be burdened. The load should be on our leg muscles.

Right: The shoulder blades should be squeezed together by straightening your back. First, stand closer to the platform or workout bench. Then, arch your back a bit. Make sure your knee is aligned with your foot.

9. Bench press

Wrong: It is wrong when an obtuse angle is created by the bending of your knees. The barbell is forward so it makes your back straight. The load becomes uneven and with that, the exercise is ineffective.

Right: Make sure the barbell is almost aligned with your shoulders. Your lower back should be arched. While your knees are bent, you should move your feet a little bit back toward your hips.

10. Dumbbell lunges

Wrong: If you twist your knees sideways, you may experience an injury and it will definitely be ineffective.

Right: Make sure your knee is lined with your foot. When you step forward, you should form an angle of 90° when you bend.

11. One-legged squat

Wrong: When your shoulders are in round form so is your back. That means that you’re not doing the squat low enough.

Right: Your shoulders should be pulled back. Make sure you’re straightened. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor as you squat down.

12. One-arm dumbbell row

Wrong: When you raise your head, your back arches instantly.

Right: Your body should form a straight line that will go down your buttocks and starts from the top of your head.

13. Dumbbell overhead triceps extension

Wrong: You’ll burden your joints and not your muscles if you hold the dumbbell in its middle.

Right: The dumbbell should be taken in both hands. Your palms should be facing up and your shoulders should be motionless. Make sure your elbows are very close to your head. The dumbbell should be raised over your head slowly. Then, lower it slowly.  

14. Standing calf raise

Wrong: You’re almost completely or with half feet on the platform. Your feet aren’t in the same line with the shoulders.

Right: You should stand on the platform with 1/3 of your feet. Make sure they are aligned with the shoulders. Your heels should be lifted very high. Stay like that for several seconds. Your heels should be lowered below the platform.

15. Hyperextension

Wrong: Your body isn’t in a straight line. Your lower back is arched to a great extent.

Right: Make sure you don’t bend or round your lower back. Your torso should be raised to hip level. When you’re bending, make sure your back isn’t round.