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These Are 12 Of The Most Common Signs That You Are Vitamin D Deficient (And Ways To Get More)!


Lack of vitamin D is a very common issue. 36% of young adults and 57% of American adults suffer from it only in the USA and Europe. It’s a very important vitamin for our bone and muscle functions, but it has also been connected to high blood pressure, lower risk of cancer, heart failure, diabetes, etc.

It’s very difficult to discover a vitamin D deficiency. People are usually unaware that they have it, so you need to check your levels of vitamin D every once-in-a-while so that you can prevent any health complication.

Sun is the main source of vitamin D. But, we must be very careful about it and we have to use sunscreen. It will help us block the absorption of vitamin D. It would be the best for us if we stay exposed to it for 15 minutes.

Also, many experts consider sunscreen to be carcinogenic. We must protect ourselves from sunburns, so why wouldn’t we use natural choices like coconut oil, for example? It won’t harm our health. As a matter of fact, it’s really useful for our skin.  

Vitamin D is also present in some foods like cheese, tuna, egg yolks, animal liver, etc.

These are the 12 most common signs of vitamin D deficiency:

Muscle and bone weakness

Our bones and muscles really need vitamin D. If we lack it, it will cause weak teeth, brittle bones and weak muscles.

Sadness and feeling blue

Low levels of vitamin D cause depression and feelings of sadness and it was scientifically proven.

Increased sensitivity to pain

People who suffer from chronic pain also have decreased levels of vitamin D.

Gum disease

When we lack vitamin D, it may cause gum redness, swelling and bleeding.

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

It’s very important that we have controlled levels of Vitamin D so that we can have regulated blood pressure and good heart function.

Mood swings

Vitamin D is very important for good serotonin production, so as we have already mentioned, when we lack it, it can make us feel depressed.

Reduced endurance

The lack of vitamin D can cause low levels of energy and also reduced performance in athletes.

Weight gain

Vitamin D is a soluble in fat. If we lack it, it will cause obesity and weight gain. According to experts, if we increase our levels of vitamin D, it will help us treat our health problems that are caused by the obesity.

Digestive problems

There are scientific studies which prove that people who have a lack of vitamin D also have digestive problems like Celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and gluten sensitivity.

Forehead sweating

One of the clearest symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is the excess of sweating on the forehead.


A study which examined more than 6000 subjects managed to prove that low levels of vitamin D can in fact be related to allergies.