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These 10 Signs Show That You’re Smarter Than The Rest


Although we are led to believe that every one of us possesses a certain level of intelligence, we are not truly aware of our full brain power. People rely on IQ tests such as analytical thinking, short-term memory and mathematical ability to measure intelligence, but there are other qualities that should be considered that can’t be measured with these tests. Having knowledge in one area of the other doesn’t automatically mean high intelligence – it sometimes comes down to how our brain works.

Here are 10 signs that indicate high intelligence:

1. Insatiable curiosity

Studies have shown that people with avid curiosity may be more intelligent than others. Curiosity represents a will to learn more, and that the brain is satiated with the desire to know about everything around us.

2. Tendency to worry

According to one scientific study people who worry more may be more intelligent than the others.

3. A tendency to forget

Although most of us don’t relate forgetfulness with intelligence, they might actually be connected. One study led by Brice Kuhl, a scientist from Stanford University showed that the brain discards of similar memories in order to make space for new ones, which makes the tendency to forget things a sign of higher intelligence.

4. Humor

A research conducted at the University of New Mexico in 2011 asked the subjects to write captions on certain cartoons. The results showed that the subjects with the highest scores on cognitive ability tests created funnier captions, which links humor to higher intelligence.

5. Enjoying reading

Studies have found out that children who have achieved great reading ability until the age of 7 are more intelligent than the others. Reading is one of the best tools for mental expansion, which means that bookworms are indeed smarter than the rest of us.

6. Being messy

Throughout history, messy people have been known to possess higher intelligence. Studies have confirmed the link as well – the visual clutter makes the brain focus more clearly. Contrary to popular belief, chaos can indeed fuel creativity.

7. Staying up late

In a study which examined if “night owls” are considered more intelligent, scientists discovered that this is truly the case. Those who stay up late are associated with an independent spirit and better creativity, which makes them more intelligent than the rest.

8. Embracing mental challenges

Testing your knowledge through a series of challenges is a known characteristic of many geniuses. Highly intelligent people love debates and never mind when they’re wrong. Constantly challenging your brain and pushing its limits is healthy and may be a sign of higher intelligence.

9. Not having to try hard

Although most see those who don’t try hard at their job as lazy, scientists say that these people are generally smarter. They work towards the same goal as others, but always find a shortcut, which clearly shows they’re more intelligent.

10. Talking to yourself

Don’t worry – talking to yourself in the mirror isn’t a sign of a mental disorder; it may actually be an indication of higher intelligence. Speaking to yourself can improve the function of your brain and help you organize things so you can work better towards your goals.