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Тwice-Boiled Water Can Be Very Harmful For Your Health So These Are Some Reasons Why You Should Avoid It!


We probably all have the electric kettles at home. They’re perfect since they heat up the water very fast and we save up time. But, there are people who don’t want to waste their water and fill the kettle up. Then, they keep the water and just reheat it over and over again until they run out of it. Boiling is good. It helps us purify the water, but fresh water is better than water that will stay in the kettle and is reheated all the time.

When the water boils, we see bubbles forming, as well as some steam. But, there are also some changes at its chemical level. When you reheat and boil the same water over and over again, you change its oxygen content. Also, some very dangerous substances accumulate in it and in the kettle. Tea can help you taste that. You’ll notice that tea made with fresh water tastes far more different than tea prepared with re-heated water.

We all know that we kill bacteria by boiling water. But, if you re-heat the same water several times, you provoke fluoride, arsenic, nitrates and different gasses to appear. They can have a very bad effect on you, your health as well as your brain and nervous system.

Minerals that water contains don’t evaporate. When you re-heat water, you get a crust of minerals which can be very damaging for your health, but for your kidneys especially. There’s plenty of calcium in them.

Never re-heat the same water two times! You should also pay attention to your tap and maintain it clean. Always put fresh water in your kettle and throw the rest of it away. Fresh water is always a better option! Use it on your plants, for example!

You’ll notice that everything will taste much better!